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Tourism in the Basque Country

Activities around the hotel

Relaxation and Nature

From here, on foot or by bike, we take the way to Santiago de Compostela, we hike on the GR10, we meander in the Iraty mountain to meet the shepherds...

For those who like to radiate, Bayonne, Biarritz, Pamplona or San Sebastian are easily accessible.

And in the evening, before sitting down, we exchange impressions, advice, prepare the program for the next day...

"To each his own rhythm, his desires, his challenges!"

Enjoy your stay!

Santiago de Compostela (Via podiensis)

XOKO-GOXOA - Stage towards Roncesvalles by the Basque Mountain

Forgotten by history, the town of St-Michel was an important step on the historic road leading to Santiago de Compostela (Via podiensis). We always welcome pilgrims with pleasure.

Possibility of departure for Roncesvalles by the old "bide zaharra", newly marked out or to make the connection between St. Michel and the GR65 by the Huntto district. Maps provided.

Some links for your preparations:

Assoc. of interregional cooperation: which also publishes the essential: miam-miam-dodo

In accompanied trip or "en Liberté": La Pélerine

All practical information from Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port (transport, parking, cab, bus connection...) please ask us.

Hiking in the Basque Country

Hiking in the Basque Country from the hotel? Want to leave your car in the parking lot?

No problem, we will show you itineraries that will take you around, GR10, Way of St Jacques de Compostelle, or simple country paths.

Advice, IGN maps, topos guides are at your disposal at the reception.
- Lunch basket provided during your day's escapades.

Hiking in the Basque Country

Contacts for tour guides :

Daniel Hargain :

Bike rides in the Basque Country

Bike rides in the Basque Country.
Our establishment is engaged in a process of tailor-made services for bicycle tourists.

Secure and adapted garage to store your bike.

Free "laundry" service (we ensure the washing of your clothing equipment).

Dietary breakfast (slow sugar and calories).

Lunch basket provided when you leave for the day.

Suggested itineraries around the hotel at your disposal

Fishing in the Basque Country

Fishing "Here, everyone fishes as he likes...".

We are engaged in a process of tailor-made services for our fishing friends.

A storage and drying room for your equipment at your disposal and between two fishing trips.

A good steaming Garbure, a dish of grilled Xingar (ham) Pipéde, or a simple piece of sheep's cheese with a glass of Irouleguy will be able to restore you out of the usual service hours.

Picnic basket for the "Coup du soir" (evening meal)

Preparation of your catches by Pasko, the Chef in the kitchen.

Our local fishing guides:
Yvon Zill >
Glenn Delporte >
More information here >

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